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Château de Bénéhard,

its Vine, Wine and Cooperage Museum

At the heart of the Château de Bénéhard and its vineyards lies a treasure!

Come and discover the nugget of the museum, the historic monumental lateral screw press built in its current state in 1540 at the Château de Bénéhard… a unique collection of instruments, tools and objects linked to heritage retracing the epic culture of the Vine and wine...

the world of vines and wine will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Reconstruction of an old-style barrel factory (complete cooperage)

In this place steeped in history, dating from the 16th century, you will discover the evolution of tillage over recent decades.

Château de Bénéhard, a mythical place in the Loire Valley, has been known since 1283, but it was only in 1460 and 1480 that this land became part of the great Maillé family which opposed Henri IV in the war of religion .

The west façade, redeveloped in the 17th century, looks out over a tuffeau cliff hollowed out by around twenty cellars and wineries, above which are the Coteaux à vignes registered AOC Coteaux du Loir.

Long before this appellation was granted, generations of winegrowers were required to press their harvests at the Château de Bénéhard press, at a distance of half a league .

The Bénéhard press, in Chahaignes

Historical Press Museum of the 16th century
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